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    November 26th, 2012JenniferNovember 2012

    Here I am. 40 weeks and 6 days pregnant. You know when you get those little instincts in your mind and most of the time they are true. Well, not this one. Early in my pregnancy I kind of thought that she would come early. I never even thought I’d be having Thanksgiving dinner and still pregnant. Nor, did I ever imaging that I’d be able to go Black Friday shopping with my sister like we’ve done for the past few years. This little girl is definitely preparing me for the rest of my life!

    Thanksgiving was wonderful and relaxing at my parents house. Not a big group, just my parents, Matt, Angie and the boys and my Uncle Dale. The weather was fantastic as I took a walk before going to lunch and also later in the afternoon with Mom and Angie. 

    I didn’t get up extremely early to go Black Friday shopping. I rolled out of bed around 6:45 Friday morning, drove to Janice’s and we went shopping from around 9 to 4. I didn’t get everything I needed, but I definitely got a good start!!  I’m also pretty sure I was having some contractions while we were shopping. To bad those things haven’t continued, they always stop:( 

    My fur baby snuggling

    IMG 1330

    You’re probably wondering the plan and we have one!! This afternoon I’m going in for a Biophysical Profile which will check the status of the baby by a sonogram and make sure everything is ok. If everything is good, then tomorrow morning I will be induced. You all know that being induced was definitely not what I wanted, but again, not everything can go as planned. I’m not upset about it, Matt and I are hoping she comes prior, but if not, it’s not the end of the world. We just want a healthy baby. 

    My Dr. did help me feel better last week when I expressed my concerns of being induced. He said I was definitely a good candidate of induction because I’ve already started making progress. That made me feel better and I’m hoping that is the case tomorrow. 

    You can now oogle…yes, that’s a word I think I just made up….the fact that I have a huge belly.

     Taken at 40 Weeks 4 Days

    IMG 1338

    How far along?  40 Weeks 6 Days

    Baby Size: Small Pumpkin

    Maternity clothes? Of course and they are starting to get tight. Anything stretchy is fabulous, but even that, some of my stretchy stuff is too small. 

    Stretch marks?  Just in this last week I’ve gotten a few red spots. The main one is on my skin cancer scar and I’m assuming its for the fact that scar tissue doesn’t stretch real well. 

    Sleep: Sleep has been great. I’m hoping I can sleep tonight with all the anticipation of tomorrow going on. 

    Best moment this week: Thanksgiving meal!!! Mom made a super delicious meal and I could have went back for thirds and fourths!! So good!

    Miss Anything? Being comfortable, my belly is ginormous. 

    Movement: She is still moving. Definitely not as much and sometimes it even makes me feel a little nauseous when she does move. 

    Food cravings: Just sweets as usual, but I think I’m definitely not as hungry as I have been the past few months. 

    Anything making you queasy or sick: The occasional big move by her in my belly. 

    Gender: GIRL!!

    Labor Signs: Some contractions, but not consistent and as soon as I sit down they go away.

    Symptoms: Ginormous belly!!!

    Belly Button in or out? What belly button?? 

    Running still? Um no, I have walked more the last few weeks than I ever. Every day was a walk or 30 minutes on the stair master or elliptical. Last Tuesday though I did run about a half mile at the end of my walk. I felt pretty good actually. The last few days I’m definitely waddling though.

    Sweat Session on the Elliptical

    IMG 1334

    Wedding rings on or off? I can put my wedding ring on with lotion, but definitely not easy to squeeze on.

    Mood: Anxious

    Looking forward to: Tomorrow and getting this show on the road hopefully!


    I’m not sure when the next time I’ll post but I hope to do a post once she arrives and let you all know the details!!!

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    November 20th, 2012JenniferNovember 2012

    The Holidays are upon us and shortly after that is the New Year! This year I’m beyond excited to start a new year and start fresh in my running again….hopefully. I’m so excited to be able to go out and run 3 miles without walking!

    My plans are to start full on running again at the first of the year. I know since I’ve been so slow the last couple months that it will take time, but I’ll get there. I’m sure I’ll need to gradually ease back into it, but I’m excited to at least follow a plan. I’m getting giddy about a training plan!!

    Since the baby will be new I’m sure trying to figure out a schedule and timing everything is going to be pretty difficult. However, I have a few months off work and a pretty great Mother-in-Law that I’m sure would be more than happy to get baby time in…shhh..she doesn’t know this yet. 

    The big problem is which Half Marathon to sign up for????? Here are a few I’m thinking of that are close and will be relatively easy to plan around with a baby.

    Rock the Parkway – Kansas City April 13th, 2013

    I ran this one the spring of 2011 and really enjoyed it.  I don’t mind doing this one again, but trying out different races seems like a good idea too.  


    Garmin Marathon in the Land of Oz - Olathe, KS April 20th, 2013

    This one might be ok since I’ve never ran it, the reviews on it are good, but not sure I’m super excited about running around the Great Plains Mall. 


    My sister also brought up doing a relay which I think is a great idea!!! I’d love to do a relay, so hopefully things will pan out and my first relay will be completed in 2013. 

    Brew to Brew - Kansas City April 7th, 2013


    Thursday is Thanksgiving and you can always find a good turkey trot to run without going too far. Janice and I ran the Beta Nu Delta Turkey Trot last year and enjoyed it. It totally sucks getting up so early in the morning on Thanksgiving, but feels wonderful to know you’ve got your workout done and feel less guilty indulging. Actually, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t feel guilty indulging even if I didn’t run;)

    If things are still the same on Thursday…meaning I’m still pregnant…I’m going to do the Turkey Trot 2 mile walk. Last year they had a 5K only, but this year they added a 2 mile walk. I’m sure people may not want to wait for me to finish 3 miles….we’ll see.


    Who’s doing a Turkey Trot?

    Anyone signed up for any races in 2013? 

    Suggestions for races I should sign up for?

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    November 19th, 2012JenniferNovember 2012

    For all you wondering, I’m still pregnant. I have my 40 week appointment today, so I’m hoping to find out if I’ve made any progress. Last week I hadn’t made any progress from the week before.

    I’m planning on talking to the Doc about what happens from here and when he’ll induce if I need to. I’ve read too many things and I’d really prefer not to be induced unless absolutely necessary. Here are some risks according to

     Inducing labor carries various risks, including:

    • The need for a C-section. Labor induction is more likely to result in the need for a C-section — particularly if you’ve never given birth before and your cervix hasn’t already begun to thin, soften and dilate (unfavorable cervix).
    • Premature birth. Inducing labor too early might result in a premature birth, which poses risks for the baby, such as difficulty breathing.
    • Low heart rate. The medication used to induce labor — oxytocin or a prostaglandin — might provoke too many contractions, which can diminish your baby’s oxygen supply and lower your baby’s heart rate.
    • Infection. Inducing labor increases the risk of infection for both mother and baby.
    • Umbilical cord problems. Inducing labor increases the risk of the umbilical cord slipping into the vagina before delivery (umbilical cord prolapse), which might compress the cord and decrease the baby’s oxygen supply.
    • Uterine rupture. Uterine rupture is a rare but serious complication in which the uterus tears open along the scar line from a prior C-section or major uterine surgery. An emergency C-section is needed to prevent life-threatening complications.
    • Bleeding after delivery. Labor induction increases the risk that your uterine muscles won’t properly contract after you give birth (uterine atony), which can lead to serious bleeding after delivery.

    I know that not everything is going to go the way I want and that I need to be open to anything as long as the baby and I are both healthy. I am. If induction is needed then that’s what it will be. 

    Please don’t tell me she will come when she’s ready. I KNOW THIS!!!!!!!  I have also read a ton of articles on how to induce labor and I don’t need any of your ideas as well. I am totally ok with her coming on her time. Maybe this is my 10 month pregnant, inpatient, snarky self coming out.

    I also don’t need any of your name suggestions. Matt and I can read and know plenty of names that we like. We were never planning on telling people the name until she’s born anyways and that’s where we still are. So, the fact that we hadn’t decided on a name until last week made it much easier to not tell anyone!

    Wow! Can you tell I’ve hit the I’m pregnant and don’t feel as great as I used to?!?!

    Me in my 39.5 week glory….

    IMG 1323

    Sorry….onto happier things.

    I’ve been doing some sort of exercise every day. Lots of walking with Hef and sprinkle in bits of jogging. I can still sort of jog, for the most part, but it’s much more uncomfortable so my jogging spurts are extremely short and becoming nonexistent.  Never would I have thought Matt would be wanting to jog more than me! I love it.

    The weather has been so nice that I’d prefer to exercise outside and I usually can get Matt to go with me. Walking by yourself….except Hef..can be a bit boring. Company is much preferred on walks. Plus, you can’t beat sunsets like these…

    IMG 1312

    To change things up I did the stair master a couple times. I have always loved the stair master so it is good to do something different and get in a nice sweaty workout. 

    Exercise just makes you feel soooo much better. I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to continue exercising up until 40 weeks….and hopefully beyond if she decides she wants to cook longer. 

    Last night Matt and I went to a benefit dinner for my cousin’s husband who was seriously hurt in an accident that happened a month ago in which he lost his father. It was so great to see sooooooo many people there supporting them. They had a fantastic turnout. 

    Part of the benefit was a raffle so we donated and bought raffle tickets…a lot of them. Matt decided it would be a good idea to put my Dad’s name on them. I said, Dad’s gonna be pissed! If you don’t know my Dad he HATES getting in front of people. So, getting his name called and going up in front of people to pick something out is definitely not pleasurable to him. 

    Poor guy, I think he got called 3 or 4 times!!

    Here his is with all his loot.

    IMG 1326


    This picture cracks me up. Matt wanted me to take a pic of all he got and I actually gave Matt my phone to take a pic while I used the restroom. I checked my phone this morning and this is what i found! I think he enjoyed it more than he lead off:) 

    One last thing and I’ll stop rambling. I received my first Etsy buy in the mail! How adorable is this hat and caccoon!! Hoping this turns out great in pictures. 

    IMG 1321

    Who’s ready for some TURKEY!?!?! I am!!

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    November 9th, 2012JenniferNovember 2012

    Happy Friday folks!!! The weeks have been flying by and I’m already at 38 weeks pregnant. Doesn’t seem right to be that far along and any day this little baby girl could make her appearance. I’m excited and anxious to meet her. 

    Things have been going really well!! I’m still feeling great. Everyone seems to think I am miserable and ready to get this girl out and I’m really not. I’m pretty comfortable, no crazy pains and haven’t been too tired. I sleep a solid 8-9 hours every night and only get up once to pee. I haven’t had ANY, not one ounce of heartburn, just the very sporadic nausea that occurs in the last trimester. Just the last couple weeks I’ve gotten swollen ankles, but they didn’t get real bad until last Friday and Saturday when I was busy and on my feet a lot. They were huge! That is for me anyways. 

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those people that LOVES being pregnant. 

    I’m definitely not miserable though.  

    IMG 1306

    How far along?  38 Weeks

    Baby Size: Watermelon!!!! Yikes, that’s scary. 

    Maternity clothes? Of course. I’m definitely running out of clothes that fit this expanding belly.

    Stretch marks?  I hate to even say this, no, I sure hope they don’t show up in the last weeks. 

    Sleep: Sleep is fantastic. 

    Best moment this week: Going to the Dr. and finding out that she has started to make progress! I totally wasn’t expecting him to say that I was already dilated and mostly effaced. The Dr. said to make an appointment for next week, but he may see me before then! I was shocked and it totally made this all real….birthing this child is going to happen. 


    Miss Anything? Clothing options.

    Movement: Still moving like crazy and it’s definitely more pronounced. Still amazes me how much she moves and I can feel it. I love to sit here and feel her move. 

    Food cravings: OMG chocolate! Jeesh. I definitely need to go on a sweets detox. 

    Anything making you queasy or sick: Just the occasional nausea, but sometimes she moves SOOO much that it almost makes me sick to my stomach. 

    Gender: GIRL!!

    Labor Signs: YES!!! First Dr. check and also lots of Braxton Hicks. 

    Symptoms: Ginormous belly!!!

    Belly Button in or out? Flat, pretty sure it’s not gonna pop out. 

    Running still? Yes! A little bit. I am very surprised with myself on this. I knew I wanted to run as long as I could, but I had no idea I’d make it to 38 weeks and still get on the treadmill and be able to run. Wednesday I did 3 miles total. Walked .5, ran .5, walked/ran .25 at a time to 3 miles. I definitely feel more pressure, but was still able to run…very slow that is. 

    Wedding rings on or off? My wedding ring is on, but can’t always get my silver ring on my right finger. 

    Mood: Excited!

    Looking forward to: Meeting this girl!!!!

    She may arrive soon or she may decide to stay cozy for another couple weeks.

    Anyone else not miserable when they were pregnant, or am I a freak of nature? 

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    November 8th, 2012JenniferNovember 2012

    We are now18….errr scratch that…12 days away from the official due date. Ya, I started this post 6 days ago! We have everything ready, purchased, bags packed and are excited. The final thing we need to do is install the carseat in the truck. ..nope mark that as done. Final thing we need to do is pick a NAME!!! Minor detail though:)  

    Along with all the house renovations we have completed the nursery. I’m going to call it complete, but there are still things that I want to add. There’s some blank wall space I want to fill and we are waiting on the arrival of blackout blinds to be installed. 

    Here is what we started with.

    IMG 2503


    IMG 2508

    This was our guest room with no decorations or any sort of design at all. It had been this way for 1.5 years of living in the house. Just furniture filling the room for guest to use while staying. Hopefully they slept well in a very sterile looking room!

    First thing done was remove all furniture and that nice mirrored closet door. We then painted the room a cream color, which turned out to be the exact color that was already on the walls. It just has a fresh look now.

    IMG 2619

     Nice and clean…besides the ugly flooring. Don’t worry…we fixed that too!

    New carpet installed.

    IMG 2683

    We then installed the chandelier that you see above. I bought it on Overstock. It’s a bit smaller than I would have liked, but I like it anyways. When you turn the light on its really dim at first and then brightens up. It’s nice in the fact that it doesn’t blind you in the complete dark once you turn it on. 

    Next up we installed the furniture.

    IMG 1246

    IMG 1247

    IMG 1248

    We got the Crib, Dresser and Rocker at USA Baby. They were GREAT to work with. They price matched and also allowed us to buy the floor model of the dresser since they didn’t have one in stock and it would have taken 8-12 weeks to come in. Thank goodness we could buy the floor model. Getting the furniture at the first of November would have stressed me out!

    Once all the furniture was in place I added the closet organizer, closet door, accessories and the curtains. So here is the AFTER!!!

    IMG 3332

    IMG 3343

    IMG 3352


    IMG 3356

    We purchased a closet organizer from Home Depot for a really great price. I even assembled it myself, but had assistance from Matt of getting it screwed to the wall. Making holes in the wall kinda freaks me out. 

    IMG 3355

    How can you not love baby shoes!!!

    IMG 3339

    The book shelves behind the rocker are just pieces of board for the bottom and trip pieces as the front and nailed to the wall. It took F.O.R.E.V.E.R for Matt to figure out what I want and that is was super simple. 15 minutes and this project was done!

    IMG 3350

    The three rectangle fabric hangings are just styrofoam from Michaels with fabric wrapped and stapled. I racked my brain trying to figure out how i was going to hang them easily, but Matt came to the rescue and all we did was put nails in the wall and shove the hangings right on the nails. BAM!! Done!

    They are super light if they do ever fall, but they are on there pretty steady.

    The white flower lamp is from target, along with the brown basket filled with supplies.

    IMG 3361


    IMG 3362

    IMG 3359

    Lots of diapers!!

    IMG 3337The curtains I made myself. I’ve made numerous other curtains in the house too, so this was easy and I chose the right color from fabric swatches I ordered. I couldn’t find any curtains I liked that would match the light pink bedding, so making them myself was easier. 

    We still have the blackout blinds to install behind the curtains. I heard blackout blinds were necessary for babies, so we’ll be prepared. We had to special order them, so they are taking a while to get here. 

    IMG 3352

    The wall hangings above the crib are from Pottery Barn. Don’t worry, they are super sturdy, Matt did a bang the wall test and we will reevaluate the situation once she’s old enough to reach them. 

    The bedding is a 6 piece set i ordered from Amazon. Just plain light pink bedding. Do you know how hard it is to find plain crib bedding!?!?!?! HARD!! The bedding I really liked was from Restoration Hardware and I contemplated buying it for a LONG time. In the end, I figured she doesn’t care about the bedding so I  needed to go cheaper. I did and it still turned out cute, I think. 

    IMG 3365

    So, there you have it. The Nursery!!!


    IMG 2503



    IMG 3332

    I think it turned out great. I still plan on adding some things to the bare walls, but that will come with time. For now, I’ll call this room COMPLETE!!!

    Now we just need the baby!

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    October 29th, 2012JenniferOctober 2012

    My sisters and best friend hosted a fabulous baby shower for me a few weeks ago. I had a few restrictions for them though:( I didn’t want a TON of people and no stupid games!!!! They followed through with my requests and everything was wonderful.

    The shower was held at my house because that way we didn’t have to lug gifts from place to place, it’s a more intimate setting rather than awkward community room plus, it helped keep the guest list down. For me it also gave Matt and I a definite deadline for the house projects to be done…errr mostly done. 

    IMG 3116

    The theme of course was Pink and White. The decorations were very cute and just right for my liking. We had cupcakes both chocolate and white, punch, nuts and Hershey Kisses. 

    IMG 3149

    IMG 3239

    It was a “Come and Go” shower so guest weren’t expected to sit and wait for me to open all gifts. They were more than welcome to leave or stay as long as they liked. It worked out well I thought, but most people did stay and watch me open gifts. Since it was a smaller crowd I didn’t seem to mind. 

    Me and the Hosts!!

    Brandi (BFF), me, Angie (Sister), Janice (Sister)

    IMG 3134

    IMG 3119

    I spent time chatting with friends and family and also showing them the nursery. It was a great way to show what I’d already had done. 

    IMG 3152

    I received lots of awesome gifts and a lot of the bigger items that I was needing…wanting:) BOB Stroller!!, Swing, Carseat, Playpen, etc. Along with the bigger items I received a lot of needs of the smaller things like clothes, bottles, carseat accessories and the such. 

    Sam, me, Betsy

    IMG 3162


    Beautiful Afgan my Aunt Bev madeIMG 3174

    “Sylvia” also got some ADORABLE running clothes!!! Including an UA Skirt and Tights!!!!!! I can’t wait to find me a matching outfit!!

    IMG 3191

    IMG 3192

    Aunt Barbara, this is for you since you were unable to see me open your gift in person:) 

    IMG 3202

    Grandma, Me, Mom

    IMG 3218

     Soon there will be a 4 generations picture!!!

    This is us trying to get a family picture, but Hef of course didn’t want to sit. Matt is hunching over because he was trying to get Hef to stay. 

    IMG 3234


    The day was wonderful and I couldn’t thank Angie, Janice and Brandi enough for putting on such a cute, perfect shower for me.  It is so nice to fee loved and I can’t wait for our baby girl to get to meet all these wonderful people in my life. 

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    October 19th, 2012JenniferOctober 2012

    Time is flying by. I’m already 35 weeks and with only 5 weeks left to go I’m starting to freak out a little! Things that are running through my head…

    • What baby things do I need to still buy
    • I need to pack my bag and a few things for her
    • The carseat needs to be unboxed and installed in a  vehicle
    • I need to check on last minute work things…insurance stuff
    • I need to get nursing tanks or something of the such

    Now, if she were to arrive tomorrow we would be perfectly fine. My Mom informed me she didn’t have anything when my oldest sister was born and she made it just fine. My grandma went and bought onesies after she was born. I know I would be fine too, but I’m definitely Type A and want everything ready and in order for her arrival. I’m sure once she arrives my Type A will need to simmer down. I also feel that living an hour from the city or a decent shopping area has me on edge. We just can’t run to Target and buy something.

    I’m still working out and I’m SUPER happy about that. Sometimes I get real bummed and then I get on the treadmill and run nonstop for 1.25 miles and I jump for joy. (Like last night) I’m going to continue to run until this little girl falls out! I’m still doing around 3 to 3.5 miles at a time and running for 1 to 1.25 miles segments with .25 mile walk breaks. I have found it’s much easier on the treadmill because it makes me slow down where running outside with Hef, I run way too fast and tire out quickly. Outside I have only been doing about 2 miles instead of 3 and much less running. 

    If I don’t get a run/walk in I’ve been taking Hef out for walks. He looks at me like “Mom Hurry Up!!!” He’s definitely not used to me walking more than running and has that urge to take off! I think I’ve turned him into a runner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last week I had to pull on him to stop running and walk! What happened to the dog I once drug on runs. 

    IMG 1259

    Slowing down has been the key to my running. What once took me 35 minutes to run 3 miles on the treadmill with a  warm up and cool down now takes me closer to 50 minutes. Before I would run at a 9:30 – 10:00 minute miles and now I’ve slowed down to 11:30 – 12:00 minutes miles. 

    I’m also playing volleyball!! I LOVED playing volleyball in high school and I’ve had a blast playing now on a women’s league Wednesday nights. No diving for balls and I don’t move too quickly, but I steal have a decent serve in me:) The first few weeks everyone was real surpassed I was playing. I definitely get a lot of looks and when you see a picture of me below you will know why. I’m not sure I’ll be able to play for the whole season, but I’m going to continue to play until it’s too much. 

    I was having a bad few days earlier in the week and thought that I shouldn’t play, but I did that night and felt good the next day. I think me having those thoughts were because I had a dream she came early. That dream only caused my thoughts above to be more urgent.

    Who stuck a basketball in my shirt!!! I still don’t realize how big I look until I see pictures. Wholly Molly I look ginormous! and still have 4.5 weeks to go! I bet she’s a rolly polly with all the crap I’ve been eating.

    IMG 1276

    How far along?  35 Weeks

    Baby Size: Honeydew Melon

    Maternity clothes? Oh yes, and I freaked out about not having clothes and ordered way more than I should have considering I only have a month left. I’ve left one pair of pants with the tags on so I can send them back if I don’t wear them.

    Stretch marks?  Still no stretch marks!!!! Nor, do I have dry skin or itchiness. I think it’s because I’ve always hated dry skin and always lather on lotion every day. 

    Sleep: Sleep is still going really well. Rolling over at night is hard!!!!

    Best moment this week: Definitely my baby shower on Sunday. I’ll do a full post what a wonderful day I had. Can’t think my sister’s and best friend enough for the wonderful shower. 

    Miss Anything? Um, can’t really think of anything right now. I’m trying to soak up the joys of pregnancy because before too long I won’t be pregnant and will wish I would have enjoyed it more. I wouldn’t say that I LOVE pregnancy, but it really hasn’t been bad at all. I wouldn’t do it for the fun of it, but I can’t complain one bit. I attribute my easy going pregnancy to staying active. 

    Movement: She still moves really good. She’s awake more now and moves more constantly. I haven’t really had to worry about the kick counts because she’s a constant mover. Thank goodness. 

    Food cravings: Nothing different. Sweets as usual. 

    Anything making you queasy or sick: I know there’s been a few things, but I can’t remember what it was. Not food related either. 

    Gender: GIRL!!

    Labor Signs: No, but I think I have Braxton Hicks. Hard to tell. 

    Symptoms: No, no heartburn or loss of too much sleep. Just the inability to easily put on socks, shoes, bending over or sitting straight up in bed. Where did my stomach muscles go?!?! 

    Belly Button in or out? Flat, still hasn’t popped out, but there is a slight little bump, so it may.

    Running still? Yes, see long notes above.

    Wedding rings on or off? On, swelling a little but not constantly.

    Mood: Still Good!

    Looking forward to: Getting all the last minute things and feeling like I’m ready….will I ever feel that way??? IDK


    Is anyone really ready when their first born comes along? 

    Anyone have any good stories or advice on their first born?

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    October 12th, 2012JenniferOctober 2012

    I received this in my email last week.

    IMG 1255


    It’s my starting time for the Tough Mudder, which is tomorrow, that I signed up for last February and paid $140 to do. I was super excited. I knew signing up that there could be a possibility that I might be pregnant. I learned in the whole trying to conceive process that you can’t put off things that you want to do just for the fact that you MIGHT be pregnant. When you do that, chances are you won’t be pregnant. As soon as you sign up for those things you REALLY want to do (aka your first Marathon:) you will get pregnant.  So, I signed up and was super excited! 

    There has been a big trend of muddy obstacle course races. I did the Warrior Dash last year and had a blast! It was only a 3 miles race with obstacles that you could do with little to no training whatsoever. 

    The Tough Mudder however, it is a bit more grueling. 11 miles of obstacles through creeks, ice baths…yes, tub filled with ice that you have to go under in, jumping off huge cliffs into a pond and even running through a bunch of strings that are have electrical currents through them. 

    As a group of people from here will be heading to Southeast Missouri to do the Tough Mudder this weekend without me, I’ll be preparing for my baby shower on Sunday. I’m a bit sad knowing how much fun they are going to have, but I’m sure when I get to see my baby’s precious little face that I won’t give crap that I wasted $140 and missed out on one piddly day of fun. 

    There is always September 2013 in KC!!! Who’s signing up with me?????

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    October 4th, 2012JenniferOctober 2012

    I can’t believe I’m already 33 weeks along! Time is going by extremely fast and before I know it 36 weeks will be here and I’ll be full term. Yikes!! We are coming along with the house updates and the nursery. I’ve got all the decor here, just need to hang it. The curtain fabric is here and been washed, just need to sew the curtains. I’ve washed her bedding and her beds are now made. I cleaned up the bassinet that was once used for my 82 year old Grandpa and has since been passed down. It’s ready and in our bedroom. So, if she arrives early at least she has somewhere to sleep!!

    Here’s a glimpse at what I did in the evenings last week. 

    IMG 1249

    Tiled the backsplash in the kitchen. I promise I will do posts regarding all the updates we’ve done to the house and show you an abundance of pictures. Matt and I both feel the house is starting to feel more like ours. I’m excited to show you all the changes with before and afters. 

    How far along?  33 Weeks

    Baby Size: Pineapple

    Maternity clothes? Yes, luckily still fitting into some stretchy workout clothes. I did buy a few maternity things a few weeks ago for my trip to St. Louis and hoping those will work for anything I need that’s coming up. I may need to buy another dressier outfit though. 

    Stretch marks?  Nope, but I’m not thinking I’m in the clear either. Don’t want to get my hopes up. 

    Sleep: Sleep is going pretty well. Most nights are great, except last night, which was random and I laid there awake for 2 hours. 

    Best moment this week: I had another good Dr. appointment. He’s really happy with how I’m doing and even said i was doing great with my little bitty ankles. They do swell up at times though. 

    Miss Anything? I am really starting to miss running like I used to be able to. I wish I could just go out and run 3 or 4 miles with no calve pain or urges to go to the bathroom or even thinking every little twinge wasn’t right and I should stop and walk.  

    Movement: Still moving like crazy. She’s starting to get real mean about it! 

    Food cravings: Just junk food. All the things that I wouldn’t eat before and always wanted to, I crave those now and usually give in. Pizza rolls were on sale last night at the grocery store!!! 

    Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

    Gender: GIRL!!

    Labor Signs: Nope, thank goodness!

    Symptoms: Nope. Just the normal difficulties bending over, sitting up and rolling over. That stuff is difficult with a basketball in your belly! 

    Belly Button in or out? In/Flat…it may poke out though. 

    Running still? Yes…very slow and my distances have dropped a bit. We’ve been super busy still with the house so my workouts have been really slacking. I’ve only ran a couple times the last two weeks and only about 2.5 miles. The runs are filled with walking. Hef is now getting to the point where I think I’m too slow for him. 

    Wedding rings on or off? On, but my hands have been swelling a bit sometimes…especially playing volleyball. 

    Mood: Good!! I would say…I think Matt would agree too:) 

    Looking forward to: Being done with all the house updates!!! Gosh, this whole reno thing seems like it’s been going on forever..and it has really. I’ll be glad when I’ll be able to relax in the evenings and not have to deal with getting something done for the house to be ready. I really doubt that will ever happen though.

    IMG 1254

    I don’t realize how big I look until I see pictures! I guess that’s a good thing!

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    September 28th, 2012JenniferSeptember 2012

    We had a fantastic time last weekend in St. Louis. I have been back a few times for work and have been able to see majority of my friends when I do go, but Matt hadn’t been back since we’d moved. We both REALLY, REALLY loved living there and I know if something came up and we were able to move back we probably would in a heart beat. At least I know I would, I think Matt would too. 

    We drove out Friday afternoon. It’s only about a 4.5 – 5 hour drive and we are so used to making it since we lived there for 7 years that the drive doesn’t bother us at all. It was nice to check out the sites on the way and see what’s been built since or changed. 

    We didn’t have any plans for Friday evening, so we got a car wash and ate at our favorite restaurant, Chevy’s. It was super delicious and every time I go to St. Louis I have to eat there. After gorging ourselves we made a little drive through old town St. Charles and headed back to the hotel. I knew Saturday was going to be a long day for me so I was totally ok with being in bed by 9:30. 

    Saturday morning we got up early and went and had breakfast with Matt’s Amateur Radio Club. He was the President of the St. Charles Amateur Radio Club until we moved and he still keeps in contact with all the guys. When we lived there they would go eat Golden Corral for breakfast EVERY Saturday morning. Even though HAM radio isn’t my thing it was good to see the guys and have a quick breakfast with them. They were equally as excited to see us and Matt was able to hang out with them for most of the morning.

    I scarfed my breakfast down and went to my hair appointment. It hadn’t been but about 5 weeks since I’d last had my hair done, but the roots were looking bad. I didn’t want my baby shower pics to look horrible because I had some nasty roots, so I made an appointment at the salon I used to go to. I think that may have been a mistake. I made the appointment last minute and I couldn’t get into my old hair dresser so I opted for a new hair dresser. You can see where this is going can’t you?  The girl was real nice. I told her I’d like to have some of my natural color (light brown) and then my normal blonde. So she picked out colors and started foiling. 

    3 hours later I was just getting to sit and get my hair rinsed!! Yes, it took her 3 hours to put color in my hair. Then after rinsing and returning to the chair I freaked. My words, “OMG! It’s dark!!” I think she knew I was already miffed b/c she was taking so long and my shower was going to start in 2 hours but then to see my hair so dark. I was not happy. She assured me it would be lighter once she blow dried it. After blow drying and a trim she finally started to style it. Earlier I had said that I like the look of the curl w/ a flat iron, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it on myself. She offered to show me and put some loose curls in my hair for style. So not only had she taken 4 hours to get to this point, but then she wanted to take her sweet time and show me how to do it. NO LADY!! Just be done! Matt had showed up and was patiently waiting me to finish. 

    Finally after 4.5 hours sitting in the chair….not comfortable for a 31 week pregnant girl…I paid and quickly departed the salon. I really should learn my lesson. I don’t absolutely hate my hair, but I really do like it  more blonde. It’s not close to my original color, but closer than before I guess. I think I’ll go to my salon here and get more blonde put it before the next baby shower. I really should just leave my hair alone and stop coloring it. I have so many issues with getting my hair colored now it’s not even funny. 

    We grabbed a quick bite to eat, changed extremely fast at the hotel and I made it to my shower right on time. I really wanted to be there early, but luckily only a few guest had shown up early, so it was really not a big deal.  

    The Shower was AMAZING!!! My friend Jenny couldn’t have done a better job. It was held at the Cottleville Wine Seller on the outdoor patio, mostly away from other customers. It was a great place, relaxing and laid back. Jenny did an awesome job with the decorations, food, guest favors, tables…EVERYTHING!! 

    One thing I didn’t know about is that Jenny put on the invite to bring a book. So, they all did and now we have a lot of books to read to her!!!! I thought that was a fantastic idea!

    Yummy snacks

    IMG 2927

    Guest Favors. Such a cute idea for shades of Pink nail polish

    IMG 2932

    Tons of Gifts

    IMG 2933

    Cake Table

    IMG 2930

    The Hostest with the Mostest….I couldn’t ask for a better friend. Jenny was one of my first friends when we moved to St. Louis and continues to be an amazing friend. I can’t thank her enough for all she did for me. I love you, Jenny!!

    IMG 2936

    Basket FULL of awesome baby things “Sylvia” will need. No, that is not her official name, just what we call her.  

    IMG 2959

     I got onesies and shirts that are tie-dye from some friends and they are absolutely adorable. I’m sure she’ll be wearing those a lot!

    IMG 2974

     The delicious chocolate cake with raspberry filling. 

    IMG 2992

     My good friends I met at the gym in Turbo Kickboxing class. These girls are super sweet and I’m so glad I got to know them and become friends with them outside of the gym. 

    IMG 2994

     Jennifer, Jen and Jenny. We all three worked together when I first moved to St. Louis. 

    IMG 2996

    How cute is this bicycle bunny!!! Made by a good friend Jen.  I don’t want to take it apart!

    IMG 3003

    Jenny knows me too well. Roses…my favorite flower…as center pieces.  In the colors of the nursery also. 

    IMG 3006 2

     After the shower was officially done Matt came and joined us. It takes quite a few shots to finally get a decent pick of him with me. He’s ALWAYS making faces or doing something silly. 

    IMG 3013

    IMG 3014

    IMG 3015

    The shower was just amazing and I had such a great time. It was sooooo good to see my friends and catch up with them. Thank you to those you came out. It was really a special day for me and “Sylvia” has a lot of super great things now. 

    After the shower we hung out with some friends for awhile at the winery and then went and visited some friends at their home. They had a second daughter that we had yet to meet so it was good catching up with them. We then finished off the night with a late dinner and drinks with Jenny, Greg and Missy. 

    I was exhausted by the end of the day, but it couldn’t have been any better. 

    Sunday morning we checked out and headed to breakfast with our friend Rory, Jenny and their son Owen. We miss them so much and we LOVE to get to hang out with them so breakfast was great. After we said our goodbye’s we were on the road for home. 

    We took our time getting home and luckily Matt has to pee as much as I do, so we made quite a few bathroom breaks and got home at a decent time. 

    Overall, the weekend was fantastic!! 

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